The New York Weekly – Top 10 Most Influential People To Watch Out For In 2020

Ambro Di Pilato

Montreal, Quebec–21-year-old CEO Ambro Di Pilato founded the Stratton Sales Agency 10 months ago and under his leadership, the agency has already grossed more than $5.6 million in high ticket sales across the globe. Di Pilato came to Stratton after 5 years in the high-ticket sales sector and after the creation of one of the largest pop-up art galleries in Montreal. After working as a sales representative for an agency, he cites his encounters with what he calls “unsavory business transactions” as the driving force behind Stratton’s inception. He began Stratton with a brand new vision: to start a high ticket sales agency that values authenticity and morality in a field full of scammers.

Anthony Consiglio

Anthony Consiglio, international model, minted 1991, of Eastern European/Italian descent. Mostly living in New York, his drive and commitment to his work has taken him all over the world. His interest in fashion and acting started shortly after high school, with a passion for travel, blogging, business, and fitness modeling was the perfect vehicle to combine passion with talent.

Hannah Carlson

Fifth Bull Agency is a female based Event/Talent/Marketing/Production Agency where every project we are involved in whether it be Events, PR Marketing, Brand Development or Influencer Campaigns we strive to create legacy content and market memorable experiences.We select the best influencers from around the world to represent our clients brands and ours.

Tony Pec

Tony pec, also known as the “The Godfather of Instagram” is the co-founder of Y Not You Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in Instagram growth, content creation, & branding strategy. With an office in NY & a team of 15, he has been able to successfully help over 500 clients across several states from fortune 2000 companies to small businesses & solo-preneurs grow their businesses by helping them get more attention and creating content that differentiates them in their industry.

Andrew Leedham

An experienced, innovative and results focussed leader with a strong track record of sustained change delivery and performance improvement in financial services. Known for his strong commercial focus, strategic thinking, practical problem solving and outstanding leadership skills. An effective communicator at all levels.

Roger Rojas

Roger is a Florida-born creative based in New York City. After growing up in Miami, he moved to New York to pursue his bachelors in business management at Iona College, graduated and started making his passion full time. He has worked with notable companies and CEOs, such as Active Escapes Barbados, F45, Grant Cardone, Cindy Eckert and many more. He likes to shoot in a loose, fluid manner and always leaves a project with a smile. New York based with a Miami edge Roger brings passion and personality to every project.

Scott Keever

Work with an agency who has proven results! We rank for the top SEO terms in Cincinnati, Oh , Tampa, Fl , Miami, FL and cities across the country. Scott Keever is a leading internet marketing firm focused on the customer’s needs. We provide services for Local SEO, Web Design, Social Media Management, Reputation management, and more. While we don’t guarantee rankings, we do excel at delivering value and results for every client.

Dr. Brian Harris

Dr. Brian Harris is a 2005 graduate of University of the Pacific school of dentistry. He owns and operates 3 Harris Dental locations in Arizona. He is the co-founder of OnCall Dental Urgent Care, a new concept in dentistry that now has more than 30 locations nationwide. Dr. Harris was voted AZ foothills Best Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale in 2014, 2017 and Phoenix Magazine Top Cosmetic Dentist the last 8 years in a row. He lectures worldwide on several topics including patient communication, cosmetic dentistry, marketing and CAD/CAM dentistry.

Brendon Kitzul

As a highly motivated individual, Brendon has always delivered value for his clients utilizing his leadership skills, creativity and out of the box thinking. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Brendon started his own company focused on real estate and digital marketing to provide these services across Canada. Brendon’s love for traveling allows him to gather valuable perspectives enabling him to bring unique approaches to each client interaction. With numerous client success stories, Brendon is always keen to take on new projects incorporating his innovative solutions and delivering value for his clients.

Kyle Freedman

Kyle Freedman is the president and co-founder of Car Flo, the startup behind matching idle inventory at used car dealerships with ride-share drivers. Kyle has enticed used car rental dealerships to invest greater than $500,000 per month in new inventory specifically to rent out to gig workers in the New York Metropolitan area. Car Flo uses cutting-edge technology and a commitment to individuals who participate in gig economy to maximize their earning potential Car Flo makes car ownership an asset while empowering those without cars to earn extra income at their convenience. Kyle is an established entrepreneur who has assisted businesses to develop 7 and 8 figures a year for close to a decade. Prior to Car Flo, Kyle was involved in the real estate technology business building multi million dollar revenue streams. In particular, Kyle lead the marketing and technology efforts for the 3rd biggest corporate housing company, Alternative Business Accommodations. Alternative Business Accommodations controls over 300 apartments and 300M in real estate in the New York City area. Kyle plans to continue growing Car Flo into a 50M-100M a year business over the next 3-4 years. He sees great potential in helping connect struggling and disadvantaged workers with vehicles to put them on a fast track for success.

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