Model Anthony Consiglio Embodies Suicide Squad’s Joker In New Video

It’s safe to say Anthony Consiglio is evidently a fan of Halloween. This week, he surprised his followers by releasing a visual project on YouTube and Instagram. The New York model/actor is such a fan of the holiday that he took it as far as producing a full-length high budget video with flamethrowers, Lamborghinis, and lots of cash. Consiglio embodied Suicide Squads Joker going all way the with the psycho maniac look. He dyed his hair vibrant green and had every tattoo detail down to a science. Every element was present: the hair, the makeup, the outfit, the acting. The video even featured Suicides Squad’s Harley Quinn in full makeup and wardrobe.

With a background working with brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Sears. Anthony has developed an impressive resume within the fashion industry. That combined with his innovative content has been the recipe for his success. We caught up with Anthony to ask him a few questions in regards to his new visual:

Why Suicide Squad?

Halloween’s one of my absolute favorite holidays end the joker is one of my favorite villains

How important is it for people in the fashion industry to step out and create content in a manner similar to you?

I wouldn’t say it is so much important but it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Acting is something new to me and something I’d like to take more time doing so this video is kind of a tester for me.

What was the hardest part of bringing this project to fruition?

It was just very time consuming and we kept running into trouble on the roof of the parking deck with the flamethrower. Then of course the whole editing aspect and tweaking it to my likability standards.

Any upcoming projects similar to this one in the near future?

Keep watching, I love surprising people.

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