Anthony Consiglio is an international modeling sensation born in 1991. Born in Eastern Europe, he has been bread for success. He is built for the long haul. His impressive modeling resume includes Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and even big-time retailer, Sears. Modeling is everything to Anthony, but he realizes that there are other things to life that matter also. He has put a lot of time into becoming a strong entrepreneur that can create other income streams. His ATM business has helped him secure partnerships with many companies in his local area. Millenial ATM has provided a safe money option for customers every single day. Anthony has also looked into travel blogging and acting in his spare time.

Consiglio’s work luckily has still been booming during COVID-19. His work ethic is simply undeniable and has kept him busy during the last few months. Anthony has done a lot of things to ensure his fellow peers stay busy and booked with him. Lately, his interest has shifted to the stock market. He has been day trading and learning how to maximize his money.

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