Anthony Consiglio Premieres Suicide Squad Themed Travel Video For Fans

28-year old fashion model Anthony Consiglio known for his print and runway work for top brands like Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, JC Penny, and more has released a new lifestyle video inspired by the hit movie Suicide Squad. This is yet another captivating video that Anthony has released via his YouTube channel.

The travel video takes place in Miami, Florida where you can see Consiglio embodying the movie Suicide Squad’s Joker. His hair is dyed green, professional make-up, wardrobe, and even props are present in the video. From Lamborghini’s to flamethrowers, Anthony Consiglio shows he has the ability to produce a high-budget piece of content for his fans.

Consiglio has spent most of his life modeling and acting where he would first be introduced at the age of 16 to the industry. He would spend the next 10 years walking the runway in fashion week to doing print work. During this time Anthony would dive into content creation across all social platforms building his social presence brick by brick. His Instagram currently has 58 thousand followers. Instagram is where Anthony has been able to take his personal brand to the next level, breaking through as not just a model. Consiglio often graces his followers with travel and lifestyle content from all over the world. Miami, California, Canada, New York, Italy, Thailand, Laos, and Slovakia are a few of the destinations he can cross off his list.

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