In a time where it seems like just about everyone is trying to make it big on social media, it becomes harder and harder to fish through the bottomless pool of “want-to-be” influencers. Finding the talented content creators that built these platforms to the level they’re at today can be difficult. In this case, the look is short and almost impossible to miss. His name is Anthony Consiglio, and he has been a top male model for over ten years, working with brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, JC Penny, and Sears, to name a few. Consiglio’s natural instinct for business and work ethic has enabled him to stand out in an already very competitive field. His journey modeling began back when he was a junior in high school. The early start equipped him with enough perspective and insight to keep him consistently successful for years to come. Despite the aftermath of COVID-19, Consiglio hasn’t managed to miss a beat keeping his audience on social media engaged with content throughout quarantine. A consistent posting schedule of pictures, videos, and lifestyle vlogs got him through a time when most content creators seemed to fade. Not only does he generate revenue from his modeling endeavors, but he also is a serial entrepreneur with his hand in multiple industries. In an interview with the London-Post, Consiglio dives into detail on avenues he’s currently pursuing in business, “ Millennial ATM. I place ATM machines in bars, clubs, restaurants, delis, etc. I’ve also taught myself stock trading, so I spend some time playing the markets.” A decade of consistent investment across multiple industries has been the recipe for Consiglio’s success and has kept him on a steady incline since his first modeling gig in high school. From runway to print, Consiglio has created a diverse modeling portfolio in his career thus far and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

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